December 15, 2022

Holiday Flag Program Q&A


Grimes Lions Club Holiday Flag Project Q&A

How long has the Holiday Flag Project been around and how many flags do you put out each holiday?

The Holiday Flag Project just closed out year three!   We started in 2020 with 50 flags.   In 2021 we grew to 250 and just ended 2022 with 500 flags.   We are going to be accepting 800 flags of combined renewals and new subscriptions in 2023.


What Holidays do you put the flags up for?


The flags go up at sunrise and come down at sunset on the following 5 major holidays. 

Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day.


Who puts out the flags?

The Holiday Flag Project is run by members of the Grimes Lions Club.  The members volunteer their time to make sure every holiday is a success.   Additionally, due to the growth of the program, we have community nonprofit organizations that we partner with as a fundraising opportunity.   We currently partner with local Boys Scouts, High School Athletic teams, and local churches.  If your organization is interested in a fundraising opportunity, please reach out!

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Current residents and businesses with a Grimes address.

What is the cost of the flags per year? Has it changed?

New subscription is $45 for the first year to help cover set up costs and $35 for renewal after year one.   This has increased from $30 last year.   The reason for this increase is due to a new system that we have purchased this year to help us continue to expand and run the project more efficiently.   If you need assistance with these costs, please reach out as we have had people inquire about gifting opportunities.

How do I register/renew? How does the new system work?

You will now be able to log on to our new system to register.   We will first be opening this up to returning subscribers and then allow for new member signups.

If you are an existing member, please follow the above link and go to RENEW Flag Subscription.   PLEASE USE THE SAME EMAIL THAT YOU ORIGINALLY SIGNED UP WITH AS THAT WILL RECOGNIZE YOU.  If you have any issues with this process, please reach out to

If you would prefer to mail in a check, there is a PDF on the website that you can print out and mail back.

What if I moved?

Please use the original email that you signed up with.   You will then be allowed to enter your new address.  Please make note of it on the registration that you have moved.


Can I automatically renew my subscription?

Yes!  With the new system you will now be able to sign up for automatic renewal.

Where is the flag going to be located?

We place the flags in strategic locations to allow for our volunteers to quickly find the pipe in the ground.  The pipe will be placed into the ground and aligned as closely as possible to your front door.   It will be a minimum of 3ft from the curb and your driveway.   We call Iowa One to come out and mark any lines before digging.   Please let us know of any irrigation systems that might be in the way before we drill in the PVC pipe/Flag holder.  There will be a white line painted on the curb that marks where the pipe is drilled.  

What can I do to help make sure my flag gets out each holiday?

The pipe has a red cover that you will be able to see in your yard if you follow the white line on the curb back 3ft.   Please try to keep this mowed and leaf free around these holidays.    Additionally, it is very important that you mark this pipe when having intensive yard work done.   New sod, new soil, reseeding, and especially aerating can cause damage to your pipe/pull it out of the ground.    We have a much harder time finding pipes during the fall after these types of projects have been completed.  If your pipe has been damaged, please reach out to us ASAP.

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?

Please reach out to or message us on Facebook.

How do I donate to your organization?

The new system will now allow subscribers to include an extra donation if they choose to do so.   We will be using these donations for our Grimes Lions Scholarship Program.  We award scholarships to DC-G graduating students in recognition of their outstanding achievements in school and participation in community service initiatives. These scholarships assist the students in their planned post-secondary education.

You can also mail a check at any time to:  Grimes Lions Club P.O. Box 86 Grimes, Iowa 50111

Can you tell me more about Grimes Lions Club?

The Grimes Lions Club was founded in 1947. Our Mission Statement is “To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation". Grimes Lions Club serves in many ways.

We are very active in our community and are constantly looking for ways we can assist in the growth of our town. We support other numerous organizations by providing financial backing and manpower. We are really trying to grow our club membership and currently have a nice diversity of men and women as well as a wide range of ages in our club, which makes for some great conversations at our meetings.

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